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Self-Guided Black Canyon Trips
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Canoe & Kayak Rentals
Black Canyon

An option for experienced paddlers, canoe and kayak rentals let you explore at your own pace and spend a night or two in Black Canyon. (If it's your first time paddling we recommend a Guided trip. We also offer paddling classes and rescue classes to gain experience for Black Canyon).

Shuttle service is available for paddlers with their own boats or SUPs (PFDs are required). Alternate take-out locations can be arranged, should you desire to explore further downriver.

Keep in mind that the launch site resides in a federal security zone; there is a strict 15 minutes time zone to get yourself, your gear, and your paddlecraft in the water and away from the secure zone. If your group is not able to accomplish this, your launch will be forfeited and you will be required to leave with the federal escort. If you choose to reserve a DIY trip, please be extremely prepared to move quickly and efficiently, and be on the water within the 15 minute launch window.

If you need sleeping bags, tents, or a stove, you can outfit your whole trip in our camping rentals section. Leave No Trace ethics are required in the wilderness areas and along the river corridor in Black Canyon.

Beginning 06/01/2022 multi-day trips will be required to carry:
  • Map
  • Portable human waste system
  • Firepan & blanket / firewood (if having a fire)
  • Rope to tie up boats
  • Food storage system (animal proof)
  • Kitchen Tarp
  • Emergency plan & communication device
  • First Aid kit

Black Canyon contains frigid, quick moving water and some sections of the river have strong currents, eddies, boils, and strainers. Sharp, jagged rocks hide just beneath the surface. Water temperatures are a chilly 52F-54F degrees year-round, and beaches disappear in minutes if there's a Dam release. Winds can be strong and make the journey challenging.

Self-guided paddlers MUST be confident with their abilities to self rescue in the event of a capsize, and be self-reliant in the event of an emergency. You are venturing into a remote area with no cell phone reception and no rescue service. Know your own limits. Once you push away from the launch site, you are responsible for getting yourself to the takeout. This trip is not recommended for children under 6 years old.

PERMITS:   This trip requires a $32 NPS permit, which are limited and sell out quickly - even 6 months in advance! Launch permits are non-refundable and non-transferrable for any reason.

IMPORTANT: This is not a beginner trip. It is a strenuous 12 miles of physical paddling and hiking. Beginners should look at our Lake Mead or Willow Beach locations or opt for a guided tour.

It is your responsibility to know your limits, be prepared, and make your own judgements about weather and risk. We can offer insight to help you make a decision, but ultimately your safety is your responsibility. You should have capsize recovery skills, know how to deal with wind and weather, and be confident in deep cold water. We do not offer rescue services and the trip leader is responsible for abandoned or lost equipment. When you purchase this service, you are paying for equipment rental and shuttle service only. You will be on your own in a remote area. If this makes you nervous, we strongly suggest a guided trip.

NOTE: Most requests for rescue and lost/abandoned gear happen in Black Canyon. In almost every case the participants were ill-prepared and did not listen or follow instructions. Boats (and other equipment) that float away, sink, or otherwise go missing are the responsibility of the trip leader. This is not a rare occurence and happens more than it should. Listen to the advice of professionals, read your pre-trip emails, do your research, inform your group, and come prepared.

For the above reasons, we STRONGLY recommend trip insurance.

-----BLACK CANYON-----

Rates: SUP's
Rates: Kayaks (SOT)
Rates: Kayaks (Sit-In)
Rates: Canoes
Rates: Camping Gear

Permits: $32
Shuttle: Included

Take-out: 4:00 pm
Offered: All Year

paddling hiking swimming wildlife viewing

Activities: Paddling, Hiking, Swimming, Hot Springs, Wildlife, Camping

Details: Self-guided paddling on the Colorado River. Water conditions are mostly flat, but can be choppy depending on wind, waves, and weather. Some sections have strong eddy lines and currents.

Equipment: Paddle, PFD, rope, and map included. Single or tandem boats available. Drybag rentals available for $5.

Hot Springs: 85F - 120F

Hiking: Short hikes in narrow slot canyons. Terrain is flat gravel washes, and volcanic rock, wet and slippery.

Distance: 11.7 miles
Class: Moving Flatwater
Difficulty: Moderate - Strenuous
Skill Level: Intermediate +

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