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Kayaking Class - Desert Adventures
Beginner Kayak Class
Kayak 101 Rescue Rolling Canoeing CPR/First Aid WFA Course

Learn to Canoe - Intro Class

Introduction to Canoeing is a 3-hour course focusing on skills needed for canoeing on lakes and moving flatwater.

You'll learn canoe nomenclature, stretches, and how to communicate with a partner and work as a team. Topics include dressing for immersion, weather, and potential paddling hazards. Techniques are demonstrated by the instructor combined with the paddling strokes practiced by students to maneuver safely and comfortably on still water.**

This canoe class focuses on the basics. In the classroom we discuss paddling safely, local destinations and equipment. On the water, we introduce basic paddle strokes needed to efficiently move a canoe through the water.

Participants will learn how to be efficient in their strokes, understand and work with their partner, and how to manage a capsize. Classes include all gear, canoes, life vests, paddles, and safety equipment.

We recommend reserving space early as we take a maximum of 10 participants in each class. Classes can be customized for scout troops. If you would like to schedule a private class for your own group, advance notice is required. Please contact us for rates and availability at 702-293-5026 .

**Students planning to paddle in remote areas (such as Black Canyon) should consider pairing this class with our Rescue & Safety course - where you will become proficient with capsize recoveries and self-rescue techniques.


Rate: $99 per person

Time: 9AM - 12PM
Offered: Saturdays, or anytime 4+ students
Months: March-November

    canoe lessons

Details: Intro to canoeing, basic paddling, wind, weather, dress, & capsize recovery.

Equipment: Tuition includes canoes, PFD, paddle, instructor.

Course Materials: Provided

Skill Level: Beginner +

Minimum Age: 12 years +

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What to Bring
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Shorts or pants and shirt (not cotton)
  • Swimsuit (wear under clothes)
  • River sandals or water shoes
  • Dress in layers
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Dry clothes for drive home
  • Pen & Paper for notes

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